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Baby can't contain his excitement around food

Milo, a 17-month-old baby, can't hide his excitement whenever a tempting dish is nearby.
/ Source: TODAY

Think you love food — really love food? You may want to rethink your answer after watching this cute baby, who can't keep his cool whenever a tempting dish is nearby.

Little Milo is a 17-month-old baby boy who is perhaps destined to become a true foodie. Seriously, his excitement is through the roof!

In a YouTube video posted June 1 by user Danae Wolfe, you see Milo's wide eyes darting from one delicious meal to the next. He takes the notion of "eating with your eyes" to a whole new level.

"At restaurants and home, Milo (17 months) gets very excited when food is served," wrote Wolfe in the video caption. "He even reacts when food is served to OTHER tables."

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Milo has true enthusiasm for all of life's wonders! Imagine if you channeled this much enthusiasm into your meals. Bon appetit!