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Baby butts and pumpkins make for some cheeky Halloween photos

Baby got back: This might be the goofiest Halloween craft ever. Butt of course it is.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Butt of course, these might be the goofiest Halloween photos we've ever seen.

Pumpkin-spice lattes are one thing, but some parents on Instagram are turning their babies into pumpkins. And they're being pretty cheeky about it.

Sitting your baby inside a carved-out pumpkin has been a fad for a while, but until Instagram popped, we didn't see much of it. Now parents are adding to the baby-as-Halloween-craft theme by painting pumpkins on the part of a baby that looks most like a pumpkin -- their rumpkins.

Krystal Castaneda, from Corona, California, shared the above photo of her 4-month-old, Aaron Luke, all ready to be picked from a pumpkin patch.

"It was pretty easy painting the pumpkin on his butt, and I bought washable non-toxic paint," Castaneda told TODAY Parents. "The hardest part was taking the picture of him trying to get him to sit still, and of course, him peeing all over the place."

Painted pumpkins are one thing, but Castaneda also took a photo of Aaron perched inside a real pumpkin.

"The most difficult thing was carving the pumpkin out and making sure he would fit in it," she said. "Once he was in the pumpkin he actually loved it and started eating it."

Reaction to her October surprise has been nothing but positive. "Everyone I know (or have) shown the pictures to absolutely love them and think Aaron is just so adorable," she said. "They laugh at me for painting him or putting him in a pumpkin, but in the end everyone loves it because he's just so cute."

Brittany Petch from San Antonio, Texas, found double the pumpkin-rump fun for her photo of her son, Cooper, 9 months old, and her best friend Amber Libert's son, Levi, 8 months. (Cooper is on the right in the photo below.)

" It was purely done with love, laughter, and creativity, as we've been friends for 20-plus years and our moms did the same kind of cute things to us," Petch told TODAY Parents. "Keeping the tradition alive!"

Jessica Dunlap of Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, also created a double-pumpkin photo. That's her daughter Daisy Monroe, 3 months old, on the left in the photo below, posing with 7-month-old Levi Allen.

Dunlap and Levi's mom, Tracy Thorne, have been friends since kindergarten. "We are very close and anticipate that our babies will be as well," Dunlap said.

Dunlap said the pumpkin butts were created with acrylic paints from the craft section of a local store, and came off easily with a few baby wipes. "Everyone has loved the picture — especially the grandparents," she said.

The idea, she says, came from Pinterest. "How did the world work before it?" she jokes.