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Who wore it best? Mom spoofs her model brother's poses with toddler photos

Oh, baby! This Instagram account juxtaposes a beautiful model with the sweetest baby for the best reason of all: mocking family.
/ Source: TODAY

Katina Behm’s brother, 28-year-old Aristotle Polites, moved to New York City to become a model. When Polites started posting his modeling photos on Instagram, his sister thought it would be funny to gently mock him by staging photo shoots of her 18-month-old son Augie in matching outfits and poses.

According to Behm, 34, it all started one day when Augie was not happy about getting dressed, and walked around the house with his shirt unbuttoned.

“So I found a picture of my brother that looked like that and I sent it to my family and said, ‘Who wore it better?’” Behm told TODAY. “They were just laughing and saying I should share them online.”

With that, the idea for the Instagram account Baby and the Body was born in December 2016. Behm updates the account once a week.

“I’m perfectly fine with her making fun of me,” Polites told TODAY. “I thought it was hilarious.

While the account has over 2,000 followers, Behm said it’s still an ongoing family joke as well. Behm even emails the new photos to her 88-year-old grandmother, who’s not on Instagram, before posting them online.

“I send her the photo on Sunday nights and call her and she goes, ‘Is it time?!’” said Behm. “So she’ll run upstairs with me on the phone because she wants me to be on the phone when she first looks at it.”

Behm said that while her grandmother thinks Polites is handsome, she’s mostly excited for the new photo of Augie.

“I’m always laughing imagining the scenario of her trying to get Augie to do what she wants him to do,” said Polites. “It’s funny how much effort I can tell she has to put in to find matching clothing.”

Behm insists that she doesn’t push it on Augie too hard.

“If he’s into it and it’s a struggle then we take a break and we play,” said Behm. “We do it for fun.”