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6 important tips for traveling with a baby

From what to pack to how to travel with a baby on a plane, here's everything you need to know.
Portrait of baby sleeping in carseat.
What is the best age for a baby to travel? Things are easiest before they're toddlers.Atipati Netiniyom / EyeEm / Getty Images
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New parents considering traveling with a baby might have a lot of questions running through their brains. First and foremost — are we crazy?

Jen Campbell Boles, the founder of Explore More Family Travel, told TODAY Parents that traveling with her kids — twins — from the time they were babies "made all the difference."

"People are so intimidated by travel with young kids," Campbell Boles said. "Not only is it important to get your kids used to travel at a young age, it is also really nice to be able to not travel during school holidays."

She continued, "Traveling in May and September was always my favorite when my boys were younger. We were able to upgrade our travel experience by traveling during the shoulder or off season. Getting more value from your vacation investment is always a good thing."

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How hard is it to travel with a baby? Not hard at all. Campbell Boles offered parents traveling with their baby six tips for success:

6 tips for traveling with a baby

Start small and build from there.

“When I found out I was having twins, I honestly did not know when I would travel again like I previously had,” Campbell Boles said. “We started out small with a trip to Chicago to test the waters. I needed to build my confidence up before traveling internationally again. Chicago went so well that I immediately booked our next trip to Italy and Greece.”

Bring extra items for kids.

"During our trip to Italy when my twins were 1, I was having a lovely moment sitting outside on a ferry along the Cinque Terre with my son in my lap," Campbell Boles said. "I was thinking about how much I loved that moment and for no reason at all, my son took the one sippy cup we packed him and threw it into the ocean so fast that I couldn’t even attempt to stop him."

Get a balcony, or a room with a separate space. 

"Babies go to bed earlier and parents need time to recoup from their day and connect with each other," the travel expert shared.

Adjust expectations.

Travel may be slower paced — and that is OK.

"You will not see everything," Campbell Boles said. "This is a soak-it-all-in type of trip versus a see everything trip."

Make sure to include something for your baby. 

"If they like swimming, book a hotel with a pool. If they are mobile, some space for them to safely run around in — perhaps that means green space at a resort or a piazza in Italy! Find parks with playgrounds. Plan time to wear them out so they’ll stroller nap and allow you to do what you want to do." 

Think about sleep schedules.

"When flying far, try to book red eye flights so kids are more likely to sleep and not get too fussy during the flight," Campbell Boles shared.

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Traveling with babies vs. toddlers

Campbell Boles told TODAY Parents she feels babies "go along easier than toddlers." 

"They will spend a lot of the day in a stroller with no complaints just taking it all in," she said, adding babies are more likely to sleep on the go. "Of course, traveling with babies involves bringing more stuff along, but airlines are pretty good about allowing you to bring all the things. You can also target resort and cruise brands that have the items on hand, so you do not have to pack as much."