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Steve Irwin’s family reveals how Bindi's daughter is already carrying on his legacy

Ten-month-old Grace is already following in her late grandfather's footsteps.

Bindi Irwin is teaching her daughter to love nature from a young age.

The first-time mom and her husband, Chandler Powell, welcomed Grace Warrior 10 months ago, and the baby is already following in her late grandfather Steve Irwin's footsteps and connecting with wildlife.

In a new interview with "Entertainment Tonight," Bindi Irwin, her brother, Robert, and their mother, Terri, said they can already see a lot of Steve Irwin in Grace.

“I think she’s got that determination that Steve had and that connection with wildlife,” Terri Irwin said. “Because it is weird to see animals just gravitate to her. So she’ll go out in the morning in the stroller, and all the kangaroos just gather around her like they’re having a meeting.” 

Kangaroos aren't the only animals that have warmed up to Grace.

“Oh, my word, the koalas ... literally climb out of their trees to come see her," Bindi Irwin gushed.

Even though the koalas have pretty sharp claws, the baby seems to be a risk-taker and always reaches out to pet them.

“So that’s Steve all over,” Terri Irwin said. 

Grace has rubbed elbows with lots of animals at the Australia Zoo, but she does seem to play favorites, and has a soft spot for an Aldabra tortoise.

“His name is Igloo and, no joke, he comes up to here on me, like up to my waist. He’s massive and the cutest. When he sees Grace, he runs across his paddock, which is huge. If you’re a tortoise, you can’t really run very fast, but he does his best, runs across the paddock to see her and just sits. She tries to pat him, and she just ends up kind of like hitting him on the head,” Bindi Irwin explained. 

The proud mom said Grace and Igloo have a sweet bond and really seem to love each other.

“It’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. I love that my daughter’s best friend is a tortoise,” she said.

Viewers of the family's show "Crikey! It’s the Irwins" will get to see Grace in the latest season, which features a special dedication to the newest member of the family. Steve Irwin is also always in the back of their minds while filming, especially during season four.

“There’s some really unique moments and I think it’s a tribute to Steve. It’s a tribute to his legacy," Terri Irwin said.

Earlier this month, Bindi Irwin got a tattoo on her forearm to honor Steve and Grace. The artwork featured her father's handwriting, an illustration of their alligator Daisy and Bindi Irwin's wedding ring in bloom.

"Validation every day of the three most important things in my life: family, purpose and unconditional love," the 23-year-old captioned her Instagram post.