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Commander in cute: The top 51 presidential baby names

Kennedy and Nixon live on in popular president baby names.
A little Ulysses or baby Harrison is not uncommon.
A little Ulysses or baby Harrison is not uncommon.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Naming babies after U.S. presidents is not new. In fact, presidential names for babies are very popular, especially last names used as firsts.

Popular president baby names

Baby naming expert Pamela Redmond of Nameberry said the popularity of certain baby names tied to presidential influence fluctuates.

"Looking to our internal statistics, we see some new presidential names taking off as some of the old favorites begin to wane," Redmond told TODAY Parents.

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Top 5 president baby names for 2022

Hayes — Jessica Alba and Kevin Costner both propelled this name into the limelight when they chose it for their sons. While few parents today are choosing it to honor Rutherford B. Hayes, the presidential connection still confers some seriousness.

Pierce — More Brosnan than Franklin, but Pierce is currently fashionable.

Grover — Lena Dunham’s character on "Girls" chose this name for her baby in the final season, making it cool again.

Truman — Truman builds on the popular virtue name True. Ike is cool too. 

Monroe — Cooler now for girls than boys, but usually honors Marilyn and not President James.

Politics and baby names

TODAY asked Redmond whether presidential name trends had anything to do with politics. For example, are Republican presidential names more popular in red states, and vice versa?

"In our study of Red State-Blue State names, we found that unconventional names such as last names as firsts and gender neutral names are much more popular across the board in red states than blue," Redmond said.

President baby names for boys in the top 100:

Jackson at #17

"When all the spelling variations — such as Jaxon (and) Jaxson — are taken into account, it’s the number one boys’ name in the country," Redmond said.

Theodore at #23

"While most presidential first names can’t be tied directly to their White House bearers, Theodore’s current popularity is not not connected to President Theodore Roosevelt," Redmond explained. "Roosevelt has cross-party appeal and was also a champion of the environment. The name now ranks at an all-time high at 23." 

Carter at #33

"The opposite of Theodore, President Carter is usually not the primary factor in parents’ choice of this name," Redmond said of the name.

 Lincoln at #40

"(The name is) always in the top one thousand, but is really taking off since 2000," Redmond told TODAY. "Lincoln now stands at 40, it's highest point ever, (while) Abraham is 201."

President baby names for girls in the top 100:

 Madison at #23

 Kennedy at #72

"Kennedy peaked as a boys’ name in 1964, the year after JFK’s assassination," Redmond said. "Now it is far more popular for girls."

Reagan, another popular name directly tied to the president, is ranked at 114.

"It took off in the 1990s after Ronald Reagan’s presidency (and) broke the Top 100 in 2015 and 2016," Redmond said.

Top 51 President baby names:

  1. Theodore
  2. James
  3. Arthur
  4. Zachary
  5. Benjamin
  6. Harrison
  7. George
  8. William
  9. Calvin
  10. Hayes
  11. Madison
  12. Carter
  13. Lincoln
  14. Jackson
  15. Grant
  16. Chester
  17. Ford
  18. Tyler
  19. Richard
  20. Pierce
  21. Taylor
  22. Abraham
  23. Kennedy
  24. Ulysses
  25. Reagan
  26. Franklin
  27. Wilson
  28. Gerald
  29. Grover
  30. Truman
  31. Ike
  32. Woodrow
  33. Monroe
  34. Donald
  35. Nixon
  36. Lyndon
  37. Bill
  38. McKinley
  39. Joe
  40. Barack
  41. Dwight
  42. Roosevelt
  43. Garfield
  44. Jefferson
  45. Clinton
  46. Rutherford
  47. Millard
  48. Obama
  49. Cleveland
  50. Hoover
  51. Eisenhower