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50 Polynesian and Pacific Islander baby names popular in the U.S.

Maia, Kai and Kane (pronounced kah-nay) are at the top of the list.
Disney's "Moana" put names like Maui on the mainstream map.
Disney's "Moana" put names like Maui on the mainstream map.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

For parents-to-be interested in Polynesian baby names, Maia or Tai might be among the top choices.

Baby naming consultant Pamela Redmond of the baby name website Nameberry told TODAY Parents that Polynesian and South Sea Islander names are less well-known than Hawaiian baby names in the US, but that "there is some overlap."

Redmond explained that pop culture has put a spotlight on Polynesian names.

"Polynesian mythology names, which include Moana and Maui from the movie, are perhaps the most familiar internationally," she said.

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Many Polynesian baby names are inspired by nature, with many related to the ocean or water.

Top 5 Polynesian girl names

  1. Maia
  2. Kai
  3. Maeva
  4. Ana
  5. Moana

Top 5 Polynesian boy names

  1. Kane
  2. Malakai
  3. Tai
  4. Manu
  5. Tane

Nameberry’s group of Polynesian names include Maori, Fijian, Tongan, Tahitian, and Polynesian mythology names.

"The most popular are names with roots in those cultures as well as internationally," Redmond told TODAY.

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Top 50 Polynesian baby names

  1. Maia
  2. Kane
  3. Kai
  4. Maeva
  5. Tai
  6. Manu
  7. Malakai
  8. Ana
  9. Moana
  10. Tane
  11. Kiri
  12. Kirrily
  13. Maui
  14. Nikau
  15. Anahera
  16. Kauri
  17. Aroha
  18. Ngaio
  19. Oliana
  20. Pele
  21. Ngaire
  22. Nyree
  23. Pania
  24. Tahiti
  25. Winiata
  26. Mele
  27. Manaia
  28. Maaka
  29. Tangaroa
  30. Heirani
  31. Viliami
  32. Marama
  33. Roimata
  34. Rangi
  35. Sione
  36. Erena
  37. Awhina
  38. Tevita
  39. Maata
  40. Vaihere
  41. Vaimiti
  42. Vaitiare
  43. Papa
  44. Hine
  45. Herenui
  46. Heremoana
  47. Heitiare
  48. Moerani
  49. Tama
  50. Pomare