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100 ocean baby names that are more popular than ever

Jump right in! Ocean names for babies are more popular than ever.
Parents drawn to the ocean or beach might choose a name like Dylan or Marina.
Parents drawn to the ocean or beach might choose a name like Dylan or Marina.Cavan Images / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Dreaming of a baby name inspired by the sea? Ocean names for babies like Kai and Kaia are on the rise.

According to baby naming consultant Pamela Redmond of the baby name website Nameberry, ocean names for babies are more popular than ever before.

"There’s such high awareness of the environment and appreciation for nature that many parents have strong feelings for wanting to identify the majesty of the ocean with their child," Redmond told TODAY Parents.

Redmond paralleled the draw of ocean names to that of religious names.

"It’s almost like people naming a child after someone they admire or someone in the Bible or the Quran their child can emulate," Redmond said. "The ocean has that same inspirational power."

Ocean name trends

Nature names, and water names as a subset of nature names, are both trending right now.

"Calm, soothing names with positive meanings have been especially popular with parents having new babies during the pandemic," Redmond told TODAY.

Popular ocean names for babies

The top ocean names on Nameberry are:

Kai — A gender-neutral Hawaiian name meaning “sea”

Caspian — A boy's name taken from the large salty sea between Europe and Asia

Cordelia — Celtic girl name meaning “daughter of the sea”

Mira — A multicultural name with many origins and meanings, one of which is Sanskrit for ocean

Dylan — Welsh name meaning “son of the sea”

Kaia — Feminine form of Kai

Guinevere — Welsh, “white wave”

Miriam — Hebrew, “drop of the sea”

Marina — Latin name meaning “from the sea”

Rosemary — Derived from the Latin terms “ros” meaning “dew” and “marinus” meaning “of the sea”

Top 100 ocean names for babies:

"Parents who love the beach and the ocean, who like to surf or sail, will be drawn to ocean names," Redmond said. "Parents who live near the sea might also choose an ocean-related name."

Here are the top 100 ocean baby names:

  1. Kai
  2. Caspian
  3. Cordelia
  4. Mira
  5. Dylan
  6. Kaia
  7. Guinevere
  8. Miriam
  9. Marina
  10. Rosemary
  11. Rafferty
  12. Mary
  13. Maren
  14. Jenna
  15. Ocean
  16. Mariah
  17. Jennifer
  18. Marilyn
  19. Murphy
  20. Marie
  21. Tiberius
  22. May
  23. Morgan
  24. Maria
  25. Marnie
  26. Moira
  27. Wade
  28. Mariana
  29. Irving
  30. India
  31. Malik
  32. Doris
  33. Naia
  34. Marin
  35. Marissa
  36. Mariam
  37. Nixie
  38. Marley
  39. Morgana
  40. Maris
  41. Marvin
  42. Maryam
  43. Maribel
  44. Murray
  45. Khai
  46. Marion
  47. Muriel
  48. Nori
  49. Merlin
  50. Ginevra
  51. Fisher
  52. Marisa
  53. Marian
  54. Nerissa
  55. Morwenna
  56. Mariella
  57. Beryl
  58. Marianne
  59. Neptune
  60. Kailani
  61. Llyr
  62. Darya
  63. Masha
  64. Zale
  65. Kehlani
  66. Kairi
  67. Mariel
  68. Saga
  69. Kia
  70. Ondine
  71. Oceane
  72. Halcyon
  73. Moana
  74. Maelyn
  75. Thalassa
  76. Marilla
  77. Pike
  78. Oceana
  79. Rosemarie
  80. Anahita
  81. Mar
  82. Nerida
  83. Hurley
  84. Marine
  85. Sereia
  86. Marietta
  87. Maire
  88. Maryjane
  89. Neri
  90. Meara
  91. Lir
  92. Ula
  93. Havelock
  94. Hali
  95. Zealand
  96. Marlee
  97. Coast
  98. Stellamaris
  99. Pelagia
  100. Iluka