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How Kristen Welker is celebrating her first Christmas with baby Margot

Her family is starting its own traditions, including fresh-baked cookies for Santa.
/ Source: TODAY

Most new parents get to create holiday traditions their own special way. And in the case of Weekend TODAY's Kristen Welker, those new family traditions started this year because she and husband John Hughes are parents to a new baby girl!

As Welker said Saturday on Weekend TODAY, giving Margot, who was born by surrogate in June 2021, her first special Christmas involved some work, but it was joyful.

First, the new tradition involved matching pajamas, which she handed out before the holiday itself. (Everybody's gotta wake up matching, right?)

"John's not totally on board yet with the matching pajamas," she shared. "But when he puts them on, he's going to love them."

Another important addition was figuring out how to feed Santa when he came down the chimney, so Welker said they decided to make homemade cookies for the big guy. This may or may not be the best decision, because as she noted, "I'm not the best cook."

Margot goes for the gusto in mama Kristen's hands as dad John looks on.
Margot goes for the gusto in mama Kristen's hands as dad John looks on.TODAY

Not that Margot minds too much; she's captivated by other elements of the day. According to Welker, 45, her daughter is "fascinated" by the tree. "I can watch her eyes wide with wonder as she sees this new vision in front of her," she said.

Welker spoke about her plans for the holiday alongside fellow TODAY anchor Peter Alexander, also 45, who noted that his family (which includes wife Alison and two young daughters) blends the traditions of Hanukkah and Christmas.

Together, they light candles and wrap books to give to a health clinic in his community.

"The hope is that our girls learn that the traditions, Hanukkah and Christmas, aren’t just about us and about our families, but about sharing and giving to other families, too," he said.

In the end, the traditions are not what make the family, the family makes the traditions. But for Welker and Hughes, it's all bound up together in the joy of being three, rather than two, this holiday season.

"A year ago ... Margot was our hope and our dream," said Welker. "Now we get to actually share all of these amazing traditions with her."