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New mom Jennifer Lawrence finally shares the name of her baby

The “Mother!” star says she has an “impossible” amount of love for her bundle of joy. 

It's a boy!

For the first time since giving birth earlier this year, Jennifer Lawrence has shared a couple of big details about her little one.

In a new cover story for the October issue of Vogue, the star revealed she and husband Cooke Maroney welcomed a son named Cy — and that her life hasn’t been the same since the moment he arrived. 

"The morning after I gave birth, I felt like my whole life had started over," Lawrence told the publication. "Like, 'Now is day one of my life.' I just stared. I was just so in love."

The joyful mom explained that her "heart has stretched to a capacity" she never knew possible. And she said that Cy is already able to show his express his own joy, too.

Lawrence, 32, noted that Cy is "on the precipice of laughing," as he now smiles hard enough to make his head roll around from the force of his burgeoning emotions.

The Oscar winner also compared her son to a voodoo doll, since anything that hurts him now causes her pain, too. But make no mistake, the pleasure of having Cy around far outweighs the pain.

“I mean the euphoria of Cy is just — Jesus, it’s impossible,” Lawrence said. “I always tell him, 'I love you so much it’s impossible.'

Cy, who was named after one of Maroney’s favorite artists, American painter Cy Twombly, is the first child for the “Don’t Look Up” actor and her husband. The pair married in a private ceremony back in 2019.