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Parents wanted them to meet cute, but jealous cat vomits after seeing human baby sister

The hilarious video has been seen more than 23 million times on TikTok.
/ Source: TODAY

The internet is in hiss-terics over Fefe the cat’s reaction to meeting her newborn sister. 

In a TikTok video with more than 23 million views, Fefe — pronounced Fee-fee — is seen greeting baby Maeve, who is sound asleep in a car seat. Things appear to be going well as she sniffs Maeve's face. But then Fefe slowly begins to back away.

Fefe's owner Cayden Cazier knows what's coming next.

"Are you kidding me? She's about to throw up," Cayden says from behind the camera.

Cayden and his wife, Katie, proceed to follow Fefe into a bedroom.

“Are you freaking kidding me?” Cayden says, as Fefe vomits on the floor. “Are you serious?” 

The Utah-based couple, who welcomed Maeve on Nov. 7, were expecting a very different scene to unfold.

“In the months leading up to the birth, Fefe was obsessed with all the baby things we were bringing into the house,” Cayden, 26, tells “We’d find her jumping in the bassinet and crib. And she’s a really sweet, good-natured cat, so we were really excited about the introduction.” 

Cayden says that he and Katie, 24, had a moment of panic after Fefe puked up her feelings. 

“We knew she’d never show any aggression towards the baby, but we were concerned about how long it would take for her to warm up,” he confesses.

The good news is that Fefe is feeling better now that she's had two months to adjust to her new sibling. 

“We think she was jealous and had a stress response,” Cayden shares. “It definitely took her a while to come around, but now if we’re holding Maeve on the couch, Fefe will come and sit with us now. She’s definitely made some progress.”

It also took Fefe a while to come around to the family’s dog, Griffin. 

“She wasn’t too thrilled when we brought Griffin home,” Cayden reveals. “Fefe doesn’t like to share attention.” 

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