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These 64 Irish names are favorites for baby boys

Finn, Declan and Aidan made the list.
Irish culture has inspired generations of baby boy names.
Irish culture has inspired generations of baby boy names.Getty Images

Baby names inspired by Irish culture have a rich history in the United States.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 31.5 million residents and 9.7% of the total population say they are of Irish ancestry. And many people hold that heritage "very dear," evident by the popularity of Irish baby boy names, Laura Wattenberg, creator of Namerology, told TODAY Parents.

"America has a long-running love affair with Irish names," Wattenberg said.

In each decade, there was often an "Irish name of the moment" for boys, she said. In the '70s there was Brian, Sean in the '80s, Ryan in the '90s and in the 2000s, Aidan.

These trends also reflect another prominent baby boy naming convention over the last generations: names that end in the letter "n."

Currently, there is no clear top Irish baby boy name in the United States, Wattenberg said, but some of the contenders include Finn and Declan.

In Ireland, some of the top baby boy names are not Irish in origin, such as Jack and Noah, which take the top two.

From the Ireland Central Statistics Office, here are some of the top Irish baby boy names from 2021, with pronunciation from and (Wattenberg noted that pronunciation of these names can vary based on geography.)

  1. Conor
  2. Rían (ree-an)
  3. Liam
  4. Cillian (kill-ee-an)
  5. Tadhg (ty-ge)
  6. Oisín (o-sheen)
  7. Finn
  8. Fionn (finn)
  9. Seán
  10. Darragh (darra)
  11. Oscar
  12. Patrick
  13. Cian (kee-an)
  14. Ryan
  15. Donnacha (done-acka)
  16. Senan (she-nawn)
  17. Aidan
  18. Rory
  19. Daithí (da-hee)
  20. Odhran (orin)
  21. Eoin (owen)
  22. Brody
  23. Cathal (ka-hal)
  24. Tiernan
  25. Ronan
  26. Conall
  27. Eoghan (owen)
  28. Rian
  29. Caelan
  30. Killian
  31. Dara
  32. Ruairí (rory)
  33. Paddy
  34. Hugh
  35. Lorcan
  36. Riley
  37. Cormac
  38. Niall
  39. Rowan
  40. Ciarán (keer-awn)
  41. Conn
  42. Caolan (keelin)
  43. Pádraig (paw-drig, or paw-rick)
  44. Brian
  45. Finley
  46. Oran
  47. Kieran
  48. Owen
  49. Keelan
  50. Kian
  51. Keegan
  52. Aiden
  53. Seamus
  54. Lennon
  55. Lochlann
  56. Flynn
  57. Carson
  58. Brendan
  59. Conan
  60. Colm
  61. Declan
  62. Connell
  63. Colin