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40 French names with meanings to consider for your new bebe

These are the most popular French-inspired baby names.
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Look to the language of love for your little love.Getty Images/Westend61

Looking for a sophistiqué baby name? France, the country of love, should be your first stop.

French baby names from Charlotte to Louis and Sophia are traditional favorites in the U.S., but thanks to hit streaming shows like “Emily In Paris,” “Julia” (inspired by "The French Chef” cooking show) and the ever-present bow to The City of Light in “And Just Like That," monikers influenced by French culture are having a resurgence.

According to Jennifer Moss, the founder of, many French names were sourced from English or Latin ones and adapted to the language of love

"For girls, it is common to use the suffix -ette that means 'little' or 'young.' Many girl names often were based on boy names and denoted feminine by adding an -e at the end like Justin (to) Justine," she says.

40 French Names And Meanings

Check out these French-style names — and their meanings — to jazz up your bebe list (non, accents are not included).

French Names For Boys

  • Bernard — Bold as a bear
  • Andre — Manly
  • Marc — War-like
  • Beau- Handsome
  • Leon — Lion-like
  • Marcel — Young warrior
  • Chevalier — Knight
  • Armand — Army man
  • Lionel — Little lion
  • Dax — Leader
  • Baptiste — Baptist
  • Benoit — Blessed
  • Thoreau — Strength of a bull
  • Pierre — Rock, or stone
  • Pascal — Easter

French Names For Girls

  • Charlotte — Free
  • Colette — Victorious
  • Belle — Beauty
  • Eloise - Healthy
  • Marceline — Young warrior
  • Adelle — Noble
  • Corinne  — Maiden
  • Nathalie — Born on Christmas Day
  • Anais — Gracious, merciful
  • Juliette — Youthful
  • Sylvie  — Forest
  • Simone– To be heard
  • Denise — Devotee of Dionysos, the Greek god of theater and ecstasy
  • Celeste — Heavenly
  • Amelie — Hardworking

Gender-Neutral French Names

  • Blaise — To stutter
  • Dior — Present
  • Aimon — Home
  • Bellamy — Good friend
  • Remi or Remy — Oarsman or remedy
  • Sidney or Sydney — Follower of Saint Denis of Paris, a third-century Christian saint.
  • Croix — Cross
  • Noe — Peace
  • Landry — Ruler
  • Clemence — Merciful

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