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These are the most popular Filipino baby names

Jacob and Althea top the charts as most popular Filipino baby names in the Philippines.
Popular Filipino baby names are growing in popularity in the U.S.
Popular Filipino baby names are growing in popularity in the U.S.Karl Tapales / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Parents-to-be interested in choosing a Filipino baby name might consider Sofia or Jacob.

Baby naming consultant Taylor Humphrey of What’s In a Baby Name shared with TODAY Parents that Filipino boy names and girl names often have Spanish influence.

"As the Philippines were a Spanish colony for 333 years, there’s a wide overlap between Filipino names and Spanish names, which are really popular in the U.S.," Humphrey said.

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According to Humphrey, distinctly Spanish names like Mateo, Santiago, Camila and Sofia have been rising rapidly in the U.S. popularity charts in recent years. 

PDF released in 2022 by the Vital Statistics division of the Philippines Statistics Authority broke down the most common baby names in the Philippines.

10 most popular Filipino boy names with meanings

Jacob — supplanter

Nathaniel — gift of God

Gabriel — God is my strength

Nathan — given

Ethan — strong, firm

Ezekiel — God strengthens

Angelo — angel, messenger

James — supplanter

Joshua — the Lord is my salvation

Kyle — narrow spit of land

"All but three of the names — Nathaniel, Angelo and Kyle — fall within the U.S.’s top 100 most popular name list," Humphrey told TODAY Parents.

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10 most popular Filipino girl names with meanings

Althea — with healing power

Angel — angel

Samantha — told by God

Princess — princess

Nathalie — birthday of the Lord

Sofia — wisdom

Sophia — wisdom

Jasmine — gift from God

Andrea — strong and manly

Angela — angel

"Of these 10, only Sofia and Sophia fall within the U.S. top 100," Humphrey said.

Humphrey added that of these other names Samantha, Nathalie and Jasmine were most popular in the mid-to-late 90s, while others like Andrea and Angela reached peak popularity in the late 70s.

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