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‘Off the charts’: This cute baby is astonishing the internet with her size

What are her parents feeding her? The answer might surprise you.
Blaze Soliai is making waves on TikTok due to her size. 
Blaze Soliai is making waves on TikTok due to her size. Leanne Soliai
/ Source: TODAY

When Blaze Soliai was born six months ago, she was an average-sized baby weighing 7 pounds, 2 ounces. But since then, the breastfed infant has grown. A lot.

“Now she’s 23 pounds and off the charts for weight and height,” Blaze’s mother, Leanne Soliai, told TODAY Parents. “Whenever we leave the house, people are like, 'Oh my God, I just want to squish her cheeks.' 'Look at those rolls!' She gets lots of attention.”

Blaze — whose nickname is Smiley because of her sunny personality — also has developed a fan base on TikTok, where her moms Leanne and Sam regularly post videos of their family.  

“Most of the comments are positive and kind,” said Leanne, who lives with her family in Sacramento, California.

But some comments are not positive.

“He’s gonna get bullied when he’s older,” one person wrote on a recent post. 

Added another, “Is this healthy? i’m being serious. im due in may and planning to breastfeed. But if this is gonna cause my baby infant obesity, i don’t want to.”

According to Dr. Jay Lovenheim, a pediatrician in West Orange, New Jersey, breastfed kiddos like Blaze tend to gain weight more rapidly than those who drink formula.

“They tend to be chunkier babies for whatever reason,” Lovenheim told TODAY. “But they typically lose that puffiness after a year when they start walking around and moving more. It's totally normal.”

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Lovenheim noted that if he has concerns about a baby’s weight, he’ll ask if they are consuming juice or if cereal is being added to their bottle. 

“If it’s just from breastmilk or formula, that’s not going to turn into a weight issue,” Lovenheim explained. “You can’t over-breastfeed your baby.”