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38 baby boy names that start with 'T'

Rising trends include names that begin with popular sounds.
These unique boy names that start with "T" are perfect for your cutie.
These unique boy names that start with "T" are perfect for your cutie.Getty Images/iStockphoto

Many parents pick their baby's name by starting with one decision: the initial.

One reason for this is out of a preference for the way certain letters sound, Pamela Redmond, creator of Nameberry, told TODAY Parents.

“We all have preferences, and parents may notice that they seem to like names that start with S or L or A,” Redmond said. “If that’s the case, searching by letter can help them find new names they may love.”

For boy names that begin with the letter “T,” one mini-trend is the Th- sound, such as Theo. Another trend is the rise of Tru- names, including Truett for boys and the unisex names True and Truth. 

Theodore is the top boy name that begins with the initial. In the past, the initial has been dominated by surnames, Redmond said, and some new “T” names are beginning to trend in that category, such as Tate, Townes and Tatum.

Here are the 38 top boy names that begin with “T,” from Nameberry’s “Top 1000” list:

  1. Theodore
  2. Thomas
  3. Tyler
  4. Thiago
  5. Theo
  6. Tristan
  7. Tucker
  8. Timothy
  9. Tobias
  10. Tanner
  11. Travis
  12. Titus
  13. Tate
  14. Tyson
  15. Trevor
  16. Troy
  17. Tripp
  18. Tatum
  19. Taylor
  20. Trenton
  21. Tony
  22. Ty
  23. Titan
  24. Trey
  25. Tadeo
  26. Tomas
  27. Tommy
  28. Trace
  29. Talon
  30. Thaddeus
  31. Tru
  32. Thatcher
  33. Tristen
  34. Terry
  35. Trent
  36. Truett
  37. Terrance
  38. Turner