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9 best babymoon destinations for parents-to-be

From Florida to French Polynesia, couples planning a babymoon have many destinations options.
/ Source: TODAY

Moms and dads who are about to welcome a baby into their lives may be seeking a chance for some quality rest and relaxation before they welcome their newest addition.

"This is an amazing time to have that last hurrah before baby and before life revolves around their new bundle of joy," Michelle London, founder of Away We Globe, an affiliate of SmartFlyer, told TODAY Parents.

London said that babymoon destinations can be as unique as the couple themselves.

"Whether it’s to a far-flung exotic locale that they are crossing off their bucket list, or a simple staycation to the charming bed and breakfast they’ve been eyeing for years, it’s a fabulous way to take time as a couple, reinforce their bond and indulge in some major self-care," she said.

What Is A Babymoon?

A babymoon is a vacation that a couple takes before the birth of a child.

"It’s a way for the couple to spend quality time together before their lives look very different," London told TODAY Parents. "After the baby comes, they will not have as much time alone, and may not feel comfortable leaving the baby for a romantic getaway. It’s the perfect time to reconnect and relax before the overwhelm and fatigue of parenthood sets in."

9 best babymoon destinations for parents-to-be

London told TODAY that she has planned everything from two-week babymoons through Northern Italy, the Greek Islands and the Maldives, as well as simple long weekends at a drivable special spot — like Big Sur on the west coast, or northern Vermont for east coast couples.

"Couples can be ambitious or conservative, based on their travel preferences, comfort level and budget," she said.

Top 5 Babymoon Destinations In The U.S.


"Hawaii is one of the best places to feel like you’ve traveled far away, plus you can even island-hop," London said. "Couples can find beautiful scenery, luxury hotels and a fantastic mix of adventure and relaxation."

New England

"New England in the spring or fall is magical with the leaves changing," London said. "Hikes, picnics, mocktails by the fire, stargazing — it’s the perfect romantic getaway destination."


"I love planning road trips along the California coast for a more active babymoon," London told TODAY. "It’s a really nice way to explore different destinations and landscapes without having to travel too far — the beaches of Malibu, the cute cities of Santa Barbara and Carmel, and the rugged coastline and wilderness of Big Sur. It’s such a fun trip, and doable year-round."

Spa locations

"Destination spas are an amazing way to ensure you get lots of pampering before baby comes," London explained.


"For babymooners who want a warm weather getaway sans passport and a relatively short flight, Florida solidly delivers," London said. "Little Palm Island in Little Torch Key is an adults-only special celebration spot, and Four Seasons Surfside offers the beauty of Miami’s beaches without the crowds of South Beach."

Top 4 Babymoon Destinations Outside The U.S.

Los Cabos, Mexico

"Los Cabos is one of my favorite destinations for babymooners, especially for those based on the west coast," London said. "It’s a short and easy flight, (and) there are many incredible hotels that it’s hard to choose just one."


"Anguilla has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and it just became a lot more accessible with the new direct flight from Miami on American Airlines," London said, adding powdery sand, crystal clear waters, top notch hotels, and excellent dining — make it the perfect place to unwind before the chaos of parenthood begins.

French Polynesia

"French Polynesia is just a few hours farther than Hawaii, but just seems so much more far-flung," London said. "Staying in an overwater bungalow gives off second honeymoon vibes, and is probably something you won’t do with a family since they aren’t the safest accommodations with young children."

London said she recommends French Polynesia for babymooners who are open to a bit of a longer flight.


"For a real 'last hurrah' before baby, the Maldives offer an unparalleled luxury experience," London told TODAY. "Ultimate privacy, on-call butler service, over-the-top spas offering prenatal massages, yoga and meditation, and tons of activities for those who can’t sit still on a beach vacation — the Maldives offers endless serenity and pampering for expectant parents.

London cautions babymooners to get the official sign off from a doctor before selecting the Maldives, as it is far from the U.S.

4 Tips For Planning A Babymoon

Talk to your doctor.

“I always recommend that my clients speak to their OBGYN before planning a babymoon to obtain sign off to travel, and to also see if they mention any off-limits destinations,” London said. “Also make sure that your health insurance will cover you in your destination.”

Timing is key.

“The second trimester is usually the sweet spot for babymoons — the nausea of the first trimester is likely behind you, and you probably haven’t experienced the discomfort of the third trimester yet,” London said.

Ask yourself what you want.

“While some couples want a last adventure before baby, others understandably want to take things easy,” London said. “This can mean a destination that is a short drive or direct flight.”

Get insurance.

“I always recommend that clients get travel insurance, no matter where or when they are traveling,” London explained. “This is also a great time to get a MedJet membership, which offers evacuation to your home hospital if you are hospitalized while on vacation.”