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These are the top baby names inspired by angels

Angel names are a popular choice for lovers of the spiritual.
Popular names include Castiel, Azrael, Micah and Evangeline.
Popular names include Castiel, Azrael, Micah and Evangeline.fotostorm / Getty Images/iStockphoto

One of the hottest baby name trends comes straight from the heavens.

Angel names reflect a broader trend towards the spiritual, but also "contain a dose of pop culture," Pamela Redmond, creator of Nameberry, told TODAY Parents.

The two most popular angel names of late are Azrael and Castiel — and both have ties to television. Castiel is a character played by Misha Collins on the CW show "Supernatural." Azrael is an angel on the show "Lucifer" played by Charlyne Yi.

"Both have fashionable sounds that helped them catch on as baby names," Redmond said, such as the "cas-" in Castiel and "-ael" in Azrael." 

Other angel names that will continue to rise in popularity are Micah and Evangeline, Redmond said, likely attributable to their "general spiritual connections."

Names inspired by angels can range from angelic figures in religious texts to words that signify the heavens. From Nameberry, here's a list of 49 angel names for your cherub.

  1. Evangeline
  2. Nathaniel
  3. Micah
  4. Seraphina
  5. Gabriel
  6. Raphael
  7. Michael
  8. Gabriella
  9. Castiel
  10. Michelle
  11. Angelica
  12. Cael
  13. Angelina
  14. Angela
  15. Uriel
  16. Gabrielle
  17. Laila
  18. Dara
  19. Cassiel
  20. Angelo
  21. Yael
  22. Rafaela
  23. Angel
  24. Javan
  25. Michaela
  26. Dina
  27. Raphaela
  28. Amael
  29. Ingram
  30. Angelique
  31. Kemuel
  32. Siofra
  33. Angie
  34. Mitra
  35. Rabia
  36. Arella
  37. Lieke
  38. Anahera
  39. Deangelo
  40. Malika
  41. Vanina
  42. Engelbert
  43. Malak
  44. Lailah
  45. Arcangela
  46. Aniela
  47. Angelico
  48. Buğlem
  49. Atchara