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Babies have hilarious reaction to mom's voice on monitor

They may be babies, but they are also very smart cookies.
/ Source: TODAY

Who says babies don't know what's going on? Certainly not these two little adorable imps.

One mom showed the world that her babes are already pretty savvy about the world, or at least about what she wants. In a video posted on Facebook, It'sJudyTime revealed that when she addresses her little ones from afar via the baby monitor, they immediately change their crib-time behavior.

And what they do will totally make your day.

It's such a popular video that it's already been seen over 15 million times. Don't miss it!

ItsJudyTime knows what she's on about, of course; she's a popular YouTube star. So if you want more from her, be sure to check out her ItsMommyLife account!

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