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37 cute summer baby names

These names are perfect for those born in the season of sun, sand, and surf.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Summer sounds like a pretty great time to have a baby: The weather is perfect for fresh air and sunshine, and new moms and dads can get outside and start walking with their babies right away or enjoying beach days without worrying about swaddling up in warm layers and bunting. There's even evidence that babies born in the summer grow up to be healthier later.

What to name children born in the season of sun, sand, and surf? Nameberry has created a list of names that evoke the season, perfect for your babes of summer.

Summer baby names!
A summer baby needs a name that can keep up with her strength and style.Shutterstock

1. August

Traditionally used for boys, this month name that came from the Roman emperor Augustus is now finding favor as a girls' name as well.

2. Augusta

A feminine variation of Augustus; also a saint's name and a place name.

3. Augustine

A diminutive form of Augustus

4. Bay

Though it officially means "berry," Bay is a refreshing water name that could fit a boy or a girl.

5. Beach

For those who love nature names, this name could fit the bill. Those who love forests more than surf could go with the spelling Beech.

6. Birch

The birch tree used to be worshipped as a goddess in Russia, and it is the state tree of New Hampshire. As a name, it is perfect for fans of poet Robert Frost ("Birches") and brings to mind the image of the tall, strong, graceful tree.

7. Coral

This feminine jewel name from the ocean might find momentum again like the currently more popular Ruby and Pearl.

8. Daisy

Traditionally a nickname of Margaret, the fresh, wholesome flower name has a long history of literary and film references ("The Great Gatsby," "Driving Miss Daisy" — even "The Dukes of Hazzard").

9. Dune

This less common name works for both boys or girls and prompts memories of the beach and the sand.

10. Dylan

Though the poetic, romantic Welsh name means "son of the sea," it has also gained favor for both boys, where it is in the top 35 for popularity, and girls.

11. Julia

Meaning "youthful," Julia derives from the Roman imperial house of Julius — as in Caesar, who gave his name to the month of July. The classic, sophisticated name has ties to both Shakespeare and "Harry Potter."

12. Julian

A male variation of Julius.

13. Juliet

A romantic and stylish diminutive of Julia.

14. Julio

A Spanish variation of Julius.

15. Julius

Originally the clan name of Julius Caesar.

16. July

This Latin summer month name is now used for both girls and boys.

17. June

A summer month name derived from the Roman goddess Juno.

18. Junia

This name, a feminine variation of Junius, literally means "born in June."

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19. Junius

The masculine version of the Latin word meaning "born in June."

20. Junot

For boys, it is the Spanish variation of Junius; for girls, a variation of the Roman goddess Juno.

21. Kai

Hawaiian for "sea," this name spans cultures and is popular for both boys and girls.

22. Lake

For those who spend their summers at lakes, this unisex nature name might be a perfect fit.

23. Leo

Meaning “lion,” Leo is the astrological sign for July and August babies.

24. Leonie

A French and German variation of Leo, also meaning lion.

25. Leonora

An Italian diminutive of Eleanor tied to the name Leo.

26. Liberty

This name meaning freedom might be perfect for a July baby born amid celebrations of independence in both the United States and France.

27. Marin

A Latin name meaning "of the sea."

28. Marisol

This Spanish name, associated with the Virgin Mary, is also made up of the Spanish words for sea (mar) and sun (sol).

29. Nerida

A Greek name meaning "sea nymph" or "mermaid."

30. Oceane

In the top 50 of popular girl names in France, a name meaning "ocean" from the Greek god of the open sea, Oceanus.

31. Pacifico

A Spanish variation of Pacific.

32. Pearl

The gem of the sea and the birthstone for June babies is showing signs of a comeback after falling in popularity in the 20th century.

33. Peridot

The birthstone for babies born in the month of August, peridot is highly valued in Hawaii, where they are traditionally believed to be the tears of the volcano goddess Pele.

34. River

A strong, peaceful unisex water name for nature lovers.

35. Sky

Another nature name that works for both boys and girls.

36. Summer

The quintessential summer birthday name that rose to popularity in the 1970s but is enjoying a comeback today.

37. Sunny

Traditionally a girls' nickname, but the spelling Sonny works for boys too.

This article was originally published in 2017.