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Ashley Cain's girlfriend shares heartbreaking update 1 week after losing baby daughter

Azaylia Diamond died April 25 after a battle with leukemia.

Safiyya Vorajee is grieving the loss of her daughter, Azaylia Diamond, one week after the 8-month-old's passing.

Vorajee, who shares Azaylia with her partner, Ashley Cain, a contestant on MTV's "The Challenge: War of the Worlds," posted a heartbreaking update to her Instagram stories Sunday night.

Azayla Diamond passed away on April 25 after battling leukemia.
Azayla Diamond passed away on April 25 after battling leukemia.miss_safiyya_ / Instagram

"I struggle all through the day & night," she wrote. "When the journey I was on was difficult mentally I didn't realise it was going to get harder. Looking after my baby in hospital from 8 weeks old wasn't the way I was expecting to become a mummy But I counted everyday as a blessing that I am azaylias mummy and would give her my 100% everyday! I studied every part of her diagnosis I learnt all her medicine because I wouldn't have done nothing less for my baby."

In October 2020, Vorajee and Cain shared that Azaylia had a rare and aggressive form of leukemia and both continued to document her diagnosis and treatment before the child passed in late April 2021.

"Struggling mentally with losing my baby. My days feel so empty My life feels so lost My body feels so alone," Vorajee continued on her Instagram stories. "But my soul feels so full, my spiritual alert feels so engaged more than ever. this is because Azaylia has given me a reason to connect with life in such a different way."

"I am struggling everyday but from each day I am gaining a new vision, Azaylia welcomed me everyday with a beautiful smile. I will find a new way to eventually live & I will keep your name alive Azaylia."

miss_safiyya_ / Instagram

In a second story, the grieving mom disclosed they lost Azaylia during the holy month of Ramadan, accompanied by a photo of Azaylia with a halo and wings.

"We will be together one day in paradise Azaylia," she wrote. "I love you, I miss you my sweet Angel."

Cain shared an update of his own over the weekend.

"Right now, It’s taking everything I have to begin each new day," he wrote in an Instagram post. "The pain of not being able to see my little girl is consuming my whole body."

Throughout his daughter's painful journey, Cain used social media to raise awareness and even to plead for a bone marrow donor to save her life. Finding a match for Azaylia was especially hard since she was of mixed ethnicity.

"That being said, ANYBODY no matter what race could be her genetic match,” the former pro soccer player wrote in an Instagram post last November. “My little warrior has done all she can do up until this point and more, but now she needs our help!”