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Ashley Cain's daughter rushed to the hospital after cancer treatment was stopped

Azaylia Cain was briefly hospitalized on Tuesday.
mrashleycain / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Ashley Cain's daughter Azaylia returned to the hospital on Tuesday night just days after Cain and partner Safiyya Vorajee made the decision to stop treatment on her aggressive, rare leukemic cancer.

Both Cain and Vorajee shared videos of Azaylia being brought out of an ambulance by paramedics.

"You are amazing baby," wrote Vorajee in one Instagram story. "Mummy and daddy promised to give you 100% from day 1 & we will keep our word what ever you need we will do for you baby."

Azaylia Cain returned briefly to the hospital just days after her parents decided to take her home. miss_saffiya_ / Instagram

Cain shared a video of the child being wheeled into an ambulance, writing "I love you princess" alongside a heart emoji.

In a later Instagram story, Vorajee wrote that Azaylia's heart rate was "over 200" and that the family was "waiting for her blood results" to see if the baby had any infections that needed treatment.

Vorajee shared a brief update about Azaylia's condition Tuesday night. miss_saffiya_ / Instagram

"I love & adore you sweet girl," Vorajee wrote.

Vorajee shared an update on Azaylia's condition later: The baby was awake and conscious, holding tightly to a teddy bear that had been given to her by ambulance paramedics.

Vorajee said that Azaylia was gifted a teddy bear after her Tuesday night hospitalization. miss_saffiya_ / Instagram

"Discharged from hospital again, haven’t we?" Vorajee asked. "Got you another platlet transfusion, didn’t we? Yes we did. End of the day, blessed to wake up this morning and see your beautiful face."

In an earlier Instagram story, Cain said that Azaylia had also undergone a platelet transfusion on Tuesday morning. The procedure was to "try and prevent bleeding from her nose/eyes and internally."

Before her hospitalization Tuesday night, Azaylia underwent a platelet transfusion on Tuesday morning.

Azaylia was diagnosed with cancer at just two months old. While she was supposed to complete treatment in early 2021, Vorajee and Cain were told that the pediatric cancer had returned, and recent tests showed new tumors. Cain said that hospital consultants estimated Azaylia only had a short time to live.

"Her disease is that aggressive that nothing they are doing is working," Cain said in an emotional Instagram video. "...Azaylia's one in a trillion, she literally is, she's so special, she's one in a trillion, but unfortunately so is her disease."

Cain and Vorajee decided to take Azaylia home from the hospital on Apr. 9, and since then have been sharing emotional updates about her condition. Cain said that their walk home on Tuesday, after her platelet transfusion, had been the "first time in the 8 months of Fatherhood" that he's "had the chance to walk down the street with my baby in my arms."

"No hospital, no isolation, no pram with a protective cover... Just me, and my baby, doing what a daddy and daughter should be able to do," Cain wrote. "When I say this to you all I really mean it... Appreciate what you have, cherish every single moment and always be the best you that you can be for the ones you love."