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Artist imagines what Disney princesses might look like pregnant and as new moms

"I like to draw the theme of children, love, motherhood and so on, because I am now going through these stages in my life," artist Oksana Pashchenko said.
/ Source: TODAY

Anyone who has ever wondered what the happily ever after actually looks like for their favorite Disney princesses now has an answer thanks to a Russian artist.

Oksana Pashchenko (@goldoxi21) started drawing Disney princesses two years ago and imagined what the next stages of their lives might look.

She drew Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" on land with Prince Eric. The aquatic Disney Princess wore a clingy black evening gown that showed off a baby bump.

In another drawing, she showed Ariel wearing a lilac colored gown and cradling her newborn, who Pashchenko imagined with dark brown hair instead of their mother's signature red tresses.

Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" posed in a blue gown with her other half as she cradled her bump the same way women do in real-life maternity photos.

Pashchenko also makes sure to include specific details in her drawings, like how Belle's baby is wearing a dress seemingly inspired by the china in her kitchen cupboard. (Also, her rattle has a mini-Chip on it!)

Jasmine and Aladdin were imagined posing with both of their bellies touching in a cute drawing.

Pashchenko also showed what happened after Jasmine had her baby, dressing him up in an adorable onesie inspired by her pet-tiger Rajah.

Tiana and Naveen from "The Princess and the Frog" looked glamorous in a drawing showing the expectant parents posing.

Another pic shows new mom Tiana and her adorable daughter wearing yellow bows in her hair that match mom.

Pashchenko told TODAY she was inspired to start drawing the next chapters for Disney princesses after she became a mom.

"My pregnancy served as inspiration. I now I have been on maternity leave for two years and devote myself to drawing and I thought, why not make the Disney princesses as a continuation of the happy ending to the fairy tale?" she said.

The feedback has blown her away and she said she enjoys sharing new drawings on her Instagram account, where she has more than 58,000 followers.

"I like to draw the theme of children, love, motherhood and so on," she said. "because I am now going through these stages in my life."

Here are some more of our favorite Disney princesses imagined as new moms:



Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty"

Snow White

This story originally ran on TODAY on Oct. 3, 2020.

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