Arnold Schwarzenegger marvels at future grandchild's super genes

The superstar says daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt's baby will have some super DNA.
/ Source: TODAY

Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t wait to see what his next grandchild accomplishes.

The movie star and former California governor, whose daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger is pregnant with her first child with husband Chris Pratt, says the baby will have the genes to do some amazing things.

“I was just thinking about the gene pool. I mean, think about this for a second,” Schwarzenegger told Jimmy Fallon Monday on “The Tonight Show.”

“It is part Kennedy and part, you know, the sweet gene pool things you can do, the Kennedy, the Schwarzenegger and Pratt. I mean, we can do anything. We can go and solve the Cuban Missile Crisis. We can go and kill predators with our bare hands and we go and training the dinosaurs,” he continued, eliciting laughs from Fallon. “That is a lot of the power here.”

Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife and Katherine’s mother, TODAY contributor Maria Shriver, is the niece of former President John Kennedy and late Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Abilities to put an end to world crises aside, Schwarzenegger is excited to see his family grow.

“I’m really looking forward to playing around with whatever it is, a she or a he,” he said.

And while the future looks bright, there is one thing that concerns the “Terminator” star.

“The worst thing is if this kid ends up with my accent,” he joked.