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Another child goes viral for adorably loving Michael Myers

There's just something about children and Michael Myers, but we can't put our finger on it...
/ Source: TODAY

Every year around this time, there is a resurgence in all things spooky. From pumpkins and ghosts to witches and iconic horror movie characters, the Halloween season always brings out some great and often wholesome content on the internet.

Just last month, a four-year-old girl went viral for running into the arms of Michael Myers and giving the “Halloween” villain a hug. Weeks later, another four-year-old from Missouri is going viral on TikTok for the exact same thing and it’s just as adorable as the first time!

In a short clip posted on TikTok a week ago, Amber Patrick from Carthage, Missouri, shared a behind-the-scenes video of a photoshoot she had with her four-year-old son, Korbyn. In the clip, he is posing for photos in front of a large bush and saying “cheese” for the camera.

As the clip progresses, a man dressed as Michael Myers emerges from the bush to creep up behind the boy. Korbyn doesn’t immediately notice somebody is behind him, still posing for photos like normal, so Myers gently nudges him with the tip of the fake knife to grab the child’s attention.

Amber Patrick, Korbyn's mom, says that her son has been obsessed with all things spooky for the last year.Madelin Sanchez

Rather than run away in fear, instead, Korbyn opens his arms wide for a hug, to which Myers obliges and crouches down to the child’s height to comply.

The video has already amassed well over two million views on TikTok, with nearly 500,000 likes and over 3,500 comments, which are overwhelmingly positive.

“Mama you’re doing everything right,” one commenter wrote. “What a sweetheart you’ve raised. I’m complete mush.”

Another added, “parenting done right…this boy definitely doesn’t judge a book by its cover.”


When Michael Myers is life and your 4 year old son has the biggest heart 😅🥰 #heyyouneedahug #fyp #michaelmyers #halloween #toddlersoftiktok

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For any of the negative comments that Patrick received, one user defended her, writing, “Kids don’t know who Michael Myers is. They have no reason to be scared,” to which Patrick replied with a clapping emoji.

Patrick, 29, told TODAY on the phone that Korbyn has been obsessed with “spooky things,” so when she saw that photographer Madelin Sanchez was doing Michael Myers photo sessions, Patrick and her husband, Nick, jumped at the opportunity for their son. They decided to surprise Korbyn with the opportunity to come face to face with the iconic horror character in a funny photoshoot.

“I was like, I’m just going to record this because I want to see his reaction because he says he likes Michael, but I didn’t know if he would actually really like him in person or just run to me,” Patrick explained.

When Patrick asked Korbyn on the call what he thought of Myers, the four-year-old responded, “I love him,” later confirming that the villain isn’t spooky to him and is his friend.

Korbyn didn't hesitate to open his arms to give Michael Myers a hug mid photoshoot.Madelin Sanchez

Patrick was pretty surprised by her son’s immediate reaction to go straight into a hug, explaining, “I feel like when he’s in trouble or when he is maybe scared of something, he always wants to give a hug.”

“I was expecting him to be like, ‘Michael! Michael!’ and high-five or something, but no, he just went straight into a hug,” she said. “It just melted my heart because he literally is the sweetest little boy. I guess I probably should have expected him to hug him.”

She didn’t think anything of posting the funny clip on the internet. First, she shared it on Facebook and eventually posted it on TikTok, where it blew up and went viral, which was a big shock to Patrick. As for any of the negativity that people might be commenting on the video when it comes to “stranger danger,” Patrick said that Korbyn felt safe because she was there supervising the entire shoot.

“He knows stranger danger, trust me,” she said. “I asked him the other day, ‘Hey buddy, what do you do if a stranger comes up to you and wants you to go with him and you don’t know them?’ and he looked me straight in my eyes and said, ‘Tell him I have COVID and start coughing.’”

Kids say the darnedest things!

Korbyn had no problem giving his "friend" Michael Myers a hug!Madelin Sanchez

While Myers is one of his favorites, Korbyn also has an affinity toward Jason Voorhees and even has a Ghostface mask from “Scream," which has been a recent obsession of his in the last week, his mom says.

After this photoshoot, Korbyn's Halloween costume this year should come as no surprise to anyone. The child and his father have plans to both dress up as Myers this coming holiday for an adorable matching father-son moment.