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Trainer Anna Victoria announces pregnancy after 2-year infertility struggle

The fitness guru and her husband will welcome their first child in August.
/ Source: TODAY

After struggling for more than 2 years with infertility, Instagram fitness expert Anna Victoria announced on Tuesday that she is expecting her first child.

“My best kept secret… Baby Ferretti due August 2020,” Victoria wrote on Instagram. “#pregnant. #stillinshock. #isthisreallife.”

In one photo, Victoria, 31, cradles her baby bump and holds a sonogram as her husband, Luca Ferretti, looks on smiling.

The 12-week Fit Body Guides creator, who started trying to conceive in Jan. 2018, believed she’d get pregnant right away.

“‘Fertile Myrtle,’” is the term I grew up hearing whenever I would tell people that I’m one of seven children,” Victoria wrote in an essay for TODAY Parents. “Your mom had seven babies, all naturally? You’re going to have no problem ‘popping’ them out.”

Every month, Victoria would feel pregnancy symptoms. But then her period would start. At the 12-month mark, she was diagnosed with unexplained infertility, which means doctors couldn’t find a medical reason to explain why they hadn’t conceived.

Victoria underwent intrauterine insemination (IUI), a treatment that involves doctors directly inserting sperm into the uterus.

"The first IUI was unsuccessful, but by then I had learned not to get my hopes up too much. We immediately scheduled a second IUI. Again, unsuccessful," Victoria told TODAY Parents in Aug. 2019. She said they were hoping to begin IVF the following month.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned through this whole process, it’s that we need to stop putting a timeline on aspects of our lives, from babies to careers, relationships and more,” Victoria revealed. “Your journey to creating a family might take longer than expected and it might look different from what you expected, too. IUI, IVF, donor sperm, egg donors, adoption… There are so many different ways to start a family.”