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'Angry Splash Mountain Lady' returns — and she's not angry any more!

Back in March, Jordan Alexander was not happy at having to ride the Magic Kingdom flume solo, and let everyone know it.
/ Source: TODAY

One small step for marital relations, one giant leap for thrilling theme park rides!

Remember Jordan Alexander, aka "Angry Splash Mountain Lady," who was left to ride the Disney's Magic Kingdom flume ride solo when her husband Steven bailed? She took this now-classic "we're having a talk" picture during the ride, and it instantly went viral after Steven posted it online.

Well, Jordan and her husband got a redo trip thanks to Visit Orlando. And this time, Steven got on board — leaving behind his own hilarious facial expression!

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And OK, extra points for Steve, who told after the original photo that he doesn't really care for roller coasters. "I was tired. I didn't have it in me," he said. "She went on the ride alone and when she came back, she showed me the photo and was like, 'I did this for you.'"

Further bonus points to the guy who sat behind the terrified/pleased couple and photobombed them with his own "I know who you are" expression!

Earlier in May, Jordan posted on Facebook that she was looking forward to the return visit:

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So, all's well that ends well ... and now Jordan can officially call herself "Happy Splash Mountain Lady." We love a happy ending.

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