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'Angry Birds' and bees? Jason Sudeikis explains what new film is teaching his son

The voice behind "Angry Birds'" lead character says it turns out that the movie might be something of a teaching tool for his 2-year-old.
/ Source: TODAY

"Angry Birds" may be the most-downloaded video game app in history, but in Jason Sudeikis' ever-growing family, it might also be a teaching tool!

Sudeikis is a dad once over, with little 2-year-old Otis (mom is Olivia Wilde and the pair have been engaged since 2013). But he's about to be a dad for the second time, since Wilde announced in April that she was expecting again.

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"I'm excited for him to be a big brother," Sudeikis told TODAY Monday. "It'll be good to get him to share more of the spotlight, the attention."

So where does "Angry Birds" come into all of this? Well, Sudeikis voices the lead character Red's voice, so he took Otis to see the film recently.

Shockingly, "He sat still! We can't get him to sit down and watch anything other than Beyoncé videos, but he sat on my lap the whole time in a screening room, and the very first time my character spoke he looked up at me like, 'Dada? Dada?' ... It was adorable."

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We don't doubt it. And as the former "Saturday Night Live" star noted, the movie may have just given Otis a preview of babies to come. Otis may not have a clear idea of what's coming, but "The eggs in the movie help," chuckled Sudeikis. "Metaphorically, we can get there."

"Angry Birds" opens in theaters on May 20.

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