Andy Grammer takes daughter to his mother's grave for 'extra special sweet' visit

/ Source: TODAY

This week marked nine years since Andy Grammer lost his beloved mother, Kathy, and the singer found the perfect way to honor the woman who still means so much to him.

On Wednesday, he visited her grave and bridged the generations of his family by bringing his 5-month-old daughter along, too.

"I brought my little Louisiana K Grammer to her grave site this morning and it was extra special sweet," he wrote alongside a photo he shared on Instagram.

In the pic, Grammer lies on the lawn near to his mother's headstone while his little girl reclines on him.

"I remember standing at this spot shell shocked as we lowered her body into the ground," he explained. "All I knew was I had lost my center, that there was a huge whole in my world and that it could never be filled. Little did I know having a mother on the other side can be pretty special too."

Grammer's mother died just months before he was discovered by his manager and a year before he got a record deal. Now he looks back and believes the timing of it all — a tremendous loss followed by such a big success — is no coincidence.

"I am not foolish enough to think that any of my success has been without the help of a badass mother pulling strings through the universe," he continued, adding, "I love you mom."

The "Honey, I'm Good" hit maker went on to explain that his daughter got the "K" in her name from grandma, so she'll always have her "in the middle of her life."

"I hope she will have your playfulness, your spirit, your sense of justice, your love of chocolate, your faith, and your thirst for depth in life," he wrote. "One thing for sure is that she’s already got your blue eyes."

But then Grammer's message went beyond his family, as he reached out to his followers about their own losses.

"This life is beautiful, but it becomes even more beautiful when you are forced to face the fact that there is more to this life then this life," he said. "To all those who have lost someone close to them, they are around... It’s a mystical relationship that never ends."