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Anderson Cooper reveals the time Andy Cohen's son microwaved his son's teddy bear

"I probably should not say this but... he baked the bear."
andersoncooper/ bravoandy/ Instagram

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen's young sons have a sweet friendship, but Cooper told Jimmy Kimmel that Cohen's son, two-year-old Ben, has wreaked havoc on at least one play date.

Cooper said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Cohen and Benjamin regularly come over on the weekends, noting that often, Cohen is happy to just spend time out of his own house.

"He's been doing this now for, really this past year, but I've started to realize he's just coming over because he doesn't know what else to do with his son with all this time, you know, (the) yawning chasms of time that he's had," Cooper said. "... The last time he called up he was like 'Oh, can I come over?' and I was like, 'Yeah, what do you want to do?' And he goes 'I'd like to do about three hours.'"

Kimmel suggested that it must be easier to have both kids in the same place, since they can "entertain each other." But Cooper noted that his son, Wyatt, is just under a year old, and Benjamin is over two, which he said is a "huge gap ... at that age."

"So you really have to keep an eye on Andy's son, then," Kimmel joked.

"You have no idea," Cooper replied. "In fact, I probably should not say this, but Andy's son — someone gave my son a bear that like, talked or clapped, and my son hadn't even played with it, and all of a sudden there's this smell ... and some smoke, and we realize that Andy's son has taken my son's bear, put it in the microwave, and turned it on."

"The bear — he baked the bear," Cooper continued. "It was in there for like, ten seconds, and literally there was smoke coming out. Kids do the darnedest things."

While Ben might sometimes be troublesome, there have been plenty of adorable videos of Cooper, Cohen, and their children playing together since they introduced the boys to each other in a virtual visit on "Watch What Happens Live" in June 2020. Wyatt even wears hand-me-downs from Ben, according to Cooper.

Cooper also told Kimmel that he's planning to host a party to celebrate Wyatt's first birthday on April 27, though he's a "really bad planner" and hasn't yet organized anything officially.

"I think I'll try to do something. He obviously doesn't know what's going on with that, so I figured the only thing that really matters is just like, staging, you know, how they staged the moon landing," joked Cooper, to laughter from the audience. "... I will probably get a couple friends and have a party."