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Amy Schumer shares her top parenting toy hack: 'It's exactly free'

The comedian revealed that she's "learned so much" since becoming a mom a year ago.
/ Source: TODAY

Watch out, mom influencers: It looks like you have some serious competition — and it's Amy Schumer.

Schumer, 38, returned to YouTube on Wednesday after a three-year hiatus because she’s “learned so much” and wanted to unveil a parenting hack.

The hilarious video also stars the comedian’s husband, Chris Fischer, with whom she shares 9-month-old son Gene.

“Our first advice/tip is a good toy for a baby around 7, 8, 9 months old — and it is exactly free,” Schumer explained. “What it is, is a box.”

The “I Feel Pretty” actress then reveals a cozy-looking DIY playpen.

“So, you get a big box, OK? You clean it out, and make sure there’s no staples in it, and then you put blankets around it, and then you put some toys in it,” Schumer instructs. “They can, like, hold on to the edges and stand or fall or whatever, and they really like being in their box.”

Schumer, who turned off the comments on YouTube, requested feedback on her Instagram.

Though the hack is clearly tongue-in-cheek, “The Office” alum Jenna Fischer thought it was pretty brilliant.

“The egg crate is genius. For reals. Question: where do you get egg crate?” she wrote, to which Schumer responded, “any bed bath and beyond type store. Thank you!”

Many fans chimed in their own suggestions.

“Throw some solo cups in there and he is sure to have a blast! Boxes are life,” commented one person.

Added another, “Laundry baskets also work!”