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Amy Schumer introduces her ailing dad to the love of his life: Goldie Hawn

It's so lovely when a daughter can make her father's dreams come true.
/ Source: TODAY

Amy Schumer's dad Gordon Schumer may have a funny daughter, but that doesn't mean he can't be completely bowled over by another hilarious blonde — namely, Goldie Hawn.

Amy posted an Instagram video of her dad (who is wheelchair-bound as he battles multiple sclerosis) having a delightful chat with Hawn as Amy crouches nearby and holds up her smartphone.

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Hawn and Amy have recently agreed to pair for an as-yet-untitled mother-daughter comedy, so clearly Amy can get her on the phone fairly easily.

"[Dad] keeps saying that we're playing sisters, and I'm like, 'No, you're the love of his life,'" says Schumer in the video. Then she gets her dad to say it.

"You're the love of my life," Gordon tells the 70-year-old Hawn (who, sadly, we don't get to see in the video). He lives in an assisted-living facility and has been dealing with MS since his daughter was 12.

Goldie Hawn in 2015.Getty Images file

"I am?" asks Hawn.

"In real life," says Gordon.

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What is cuter than that?

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