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Amy Schumer: I love my 'warm soft post-baby body'

"Thank you for the good vibes and inspiration that you give all of us women," one fan responded.

A sweet summer post from Amy Schumer has moms on Instagram celebrating post-baby beach bodies.

Schumer posted a photo of herself and husband Chris Fischer walking on a beach with baby Gene, who is just shy of three months old. The picture-perfect family day had everything: great swimsuits, bright blue water, and a cloudless sky, like many other celebrity summer snapshots. However, the second picture in the post revealed the reality of heading to the beach less than three months after giving birth, as Schumer rode in a large beach wheelchair pushed by Fischer.

The funny, real glimpse at summer for new parents led to supportive and positive comments from Schumer's followers.

"Thank you for the good vibes and inspiration that you give all of us women," wrote one user, under the name greenriotgrrrl. "Some days I realize I haven't showered, brushed my teeth or put on pants and I would normally beat myself up. Then I'm like, what would Amy do? She would laugh and keep on living and so I skip the self deprecation and live too!"

Others commented on Schumer's post-baby body — and the actress responded.

"So beautiful, a normal woman's body," wrote user wendyguarrera. "You look great!!"

"I am loving my warm soft post-baby body," Schumer responded. "Grateful to be feeling so strong again!"

This isn't the first time that Schumer has shared candid, post-baby messages with Instagram followers.

"I'm really sorry if I offended anyone with my hospital underwear," she wrote in a post from mid-June, just five weeks after giving birth to her son via ceasarean section. "Except I'm just kidding."

That post brought congratulations and compliments from hundreds of fans, including other moms who had undergone the same procedure. Another post, this one just two weeks after Gene was born, showed the star make-up free and pumping breast milk.

"Guys what are we doing tonight?" she asked, also including an "Outfit of the Day" hashtag.

We're sure that Schumer's positive post-baby messages will continue to resonate with Instagram followers and other moms — especially if she continues to share them with her trademark candidness and humor.

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