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Amy Coney Barrett opens up about her 7 children at Supreme Court confirmation hearing

The mother of seven shared details about her children, who include five biological children and two adopted children from Haiti.
/ Source: TODAY

Amy Coney Barrett shared some details about her children as a proud mother of seven in her opening statement on the first day of her Senate confirmation hearings on her Supreme Court nomination.

Barrett, 48, has seven children with her husband of 21 years, Jesse Barrett, who is a lawyer. Five of them are their biological children, and two of them were adopted from Haiti.

Image: FILE PHOTO: Judge Amy Coney Barrett poses for a photo before a meeting
Judge Amy Coney Barrett shared some details about her seven children in her opening statement at her Senate confirmation hearing for her Supreme Court nomination. Anna Moneymaker / Reuters

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She shared a little bit about each one as part of her opening statement on Monday.

"Emma is a sophomore in college who just might follow her parents into a career in the law," Barrett said. "Next is Vivian, who came to us from Haiti. When Vivian arrived, she was so weak that we were told she might never talk or walk normally. But now she deadlifts as much as the male athletes at our gym, and I assure you that she has no trouble talking."

Four of the children are teenagers: Emma, Vivian, Tess and John Peter.

"Tess is 16, and while she shares her parents’ love for the liberal arts, she also has a math gene that seems to have skipped her parents’ generation," her mother said in her statement. "John Peter joined us shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and Jesse, who brought him home, still describes the shock on JP’s face when he got off the plane in wintertime Chicago.

"Once that shock wore off, JP assumed the happy-go-lucky attitude that is still his signature trait."

Amy Coney Barrett joined by her children as she arrived for her Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation
Barrett was joined by her children as she arrived for her Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Monday. Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The couple's three youngest children are Liam, Juliet and Benjamin.

"Liam is smart, strong, and kind, and to our delight, he still loves watching movies with Mom and Dad," Barrett said. "Ten-year-old Juliet is already pursuing her goal of becoming an author by writing multiple essays and short stories, one of which she recently submitted for publication. And our youngest, Benjamin, is at home with friends. Benjamin has Down syndrome and he is the unanimous favorite of the family. He was watching the hearing this morning, I'm told, and he was calling out our names as he saw the kids in the back."

Barrett, who is a judge for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, also spoke about her children in 2017 at her confirmation hearing as a circuit judge. Her three oldest daughters sat behind her in the audience as she gave her opening remarks.

The mother of seven is also part of a family of seven herself. She mentioned her brothers and sisters in her opening statement on Monday.

"My own siblings are here, some in the hearing room and some nearby," she said. "Carrie, Megan, Eileen, Amanda, Vivian, and Michael are my oldest and dearest friends. We’ve seen each other through both the happy and hard parts of life, and I am so grateful that they are with me now."