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Amanda Kloots shares how son Elvis is just like his late dad Nick Cordero

Nick Cordero died from COVID-19 complications in July 2020.
/ Source: TODAY

Amanda Kloots is still getting her bearings as a single mom of 20-month-old son, Elvis, after losing her husband, Nick Cordero, to COVID-19 complications in July.

“Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest — like getting out of the car and into the house when I’m carrying Elvis and my hands are full of packages and I don’t have anyone to help me,” Kloots told TODAY Parents.

The fitness instructor, who recently started a new job as co-host of CBS’ “The Talk," also struggles when Elvis hits another developmental milestone.

“Elvis will something so adorable and I just wish Nick could be there to see him do it,” Kloots revealed. “He’s saying a ton of words and running around and just like his dad he’s curious about how things work.”

Kloots admitted that sleep is a work in a progress.

“We’ve gotten into this very bad habit where I bring him into bed with me after he does his first cry at around midnight,” Kloots shared. “But honestly… I think we both need each other's comfort. I enjoy his snuggles. We’re navigating this new life together.”

In the mornings, Kloots will creep out out of the room and do a 20-minute workout. Exercise has always been therapeutic for her, and now more than ever.

“It’s so important to be for my physical and mental health, so I make sure to get it in,” she explained.

Kloots is also ready to process her grief with a mental health professional. In an emotional Instagram post last month, Kloots opened up about feeling "lonely and confused" in the wake of Cordero's death.

“I thought Christmas would be hard, this was worse. I think it's because when a new year comes you want a clean slate or to forget about last year, esp 2020. But, I can't forget about last year and will not be able to wipe that slate clean,” Kloots wrote. “I also think I'm slightly scared of what can happen in a year, how much things can change. Lastly, I think everything I went through is catching up to me and I am finally ready to go to therapy to address the trauma."

Kloots opened up to TODAY Parents while promoting her partnership with Visible, a Verizon-owned digital wireless carrier.