Alyssa Milano on sparking breast-feeding debate with pics: It ' needed to happen'

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It seems there's not much a mom can do that won't spark some sort of criticism or debate these days.

That's what actress and "Project Runway: All Stars" host Alyssa Milano learned after sharing photos on Instagram of herself participating in a perfectly natural mom activity — breast-feeding.

"I didn't really set out, posting those pictures, as taking a stand for breast-feeding," Milano revealed during a Wednesday visit to TODAY. "I was just kind of sharing a moment. And then I realized, through the responses, that it was a moment that kind of needed to happen to start a dialogue, because people are still very anti-breast-feeding in public."

The critical comments she faced on Instagram and beyond weren't her first experience with breast-feeding backlash.

"Someone once told me to breast-feed my baby in the bathroom, and I just thought ... yeah, that didn't go over too well," she recalled. "I just thought, 'Do you eat in a bathroom in a stall?' It's so weird."

But even though the mom of two never expected to be an activist about the issue, she's happy to be in that position now.

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"I'm glad the dialogue started, and hopefully I can make things be easier for moms in the future whether they're breast-feeding or bottle-feeding," Milano said.

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Watch the clip to see what else she had to say on the subject, and on another topic of interest — "Who's the Boss?" reunion buzz.

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