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All is 'well' for Papaw! Sad grandpa is hosting a cookout — and you're invited

Papaw is about to be making a lot more than 12 burgers.
/ Source: TODAY

Papaw, renowned burger chef and unofficial grandpa of the Internet, is about to be making a lot more than 12 burgers... and if you live in Oklahoma, you can get one for yourself.

The last time we saw Papaw, he looked like this (after five of Papaw's grandkids didn't show up for burger night):

But now, we've got some good news. Papaw and family confirmed to that they are hosting a cookout in Purcell, Oklahoma on March 26 to make up for lost family bonding time and meet some of Papaw's new fans. Burgers will go for $2 each, T-shirts will be sold, and Papaw will get all the company his big ol' grandfatherly heart desires.

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First Coast News reported that the family expects a crowd of several thousand at the open-house event.

"Hopefully, people come in, eat, get their pictures taken, hang out for thirty minutes or so and be courteous enough to make room for other people to show up," said prodigal grandson Brock Harmon, who announced the cookout on Twitter.

Proceeds will go toward the grandkids' college education and possibly some charities. But the real purpose of the event is to highlight the family values that Papaw's family insists have been at play all along.

"I've had many, many messages telling me my post inspired people everywhere to visit their grandparents. And that means so much to me," Kelsey Harmon, Papaw's granddaughter and the original poster, wrote on Twitter. "Family is the most important thing in my world."

Harmon went on to reassure us that, "Papaw is loved deeply, and now widely."

A nice reminder that there's no use crying over spilled ketchup. Now, who's headed for Oklahoma?