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Al Roker begs for kids to have a snow day during winter storm

The TODAY weatherman argued for kids to be able to ditch school during snowstorms.
/ Source: TODAY

Al Roker is pitching an idea that a lot of kids will likely get behind: more snow days!

"Just give them the day off, people," the TODAY weatherman demanded on the Feb. 13 broadcast. Al's plea comes as New York City, the home of TODAY's Studio 1A in Rockefeller Center, stands to pick up several inches of snow from a powerful winter storm. With the snowy weather descending upon the city, NYC Public Schools had students do school via remote learning.

TODAY shared a video of Al making his pitch on the show's official Instagram account.

"Of course, here in New York City, they didn't cancel school. It's remote and the Department of Education is having all kinds of IT problems. Just give them the day off!" said Al, slapping his hands for emphasis.

"It's one day," agreed TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, who shared that her husband, Brian Fichera, with whom she shares three young sons, was having difficulty at home connecting with a school on Zoom.

TODAY co-host Sheinelle Jones chimed in to point out that a lot of kids don't have tech-savvy caregivers at home who can "hover" over them as they navigate the difficulties of remote learning.

New York City's public schools chancellor spoke to the challenges many families faced during the day when trying to log on for remote learning.

“As I said, this was a test. I don’t think that we passed this test,” David Banks said during a news briefing, adding that the system on which the city depends for its remote learning program was overwhelmed with the amount of people signing on.

When Al suggested during Tuesday's show that parents should be able to ditch the virtual classes and take the kids to Central Park to play in the snow, Dylan agreed again. "Run around. All day recess," she said.

The duo's spirited conversation prompted Sheinelle to throw her hands playfully in the air. "All right. Well, we know what the weather people think," she joked.

TODAY asked viewers to weigh in, writing in its Instagram caption, "'Just give them the day off, people!' New York City could pick up 6 inches or more from a powerful winter storm, which would be the city’s largest snowstorm in two years. NYC public schools moved to remote learning on Feb. 13, however our weather reporters have some thoughts. What do you think?"

Though a handful of viewers disagreed with Al, many more appeared to share his belief that kids deserve a day off from school when snowstorms rage outside.

"The best memories of being a kid was a snow day and sledding with friends. Give kids a break!!" wrote one.

"100% give the kids a snow day!" suggested another.

One viewer even wanted to see Al in a position to mandate his idea.

"Al Roker needs to be elected to office!" the person wrote.