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Al Roker shares throwback photos for son Nick's 18th birthday

It's Nick's golden year!
Al Roker and his son, Nick
Nick Roker with his dad, TODAY's Al Roker.alroker / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Al Roker’s son is celebrating a golden birthday!

Nick Roker turns 18 Saturday and Al is taking the opportunity to share some throwback pictures of his youngest child to mark the milestone. The TODAY weatherman posted a series of pictures of Nick throughout the years and the photos include a multiple pics of the father-son duo as well as a snapshot with former first lady Michelle Obama.

“A very happy #18th #goldenbirthday to my boy, Nick,” Al captioned the birthday post on Instagram.

Nick recently finished up his sophomore year of high school and the Roker family gathered to celebrate last month at Four Brothers Drive-In Theater in Amenia, New York.

Al even surprised his son with a congratulatory message on the theater's big screen that read, “Nick, we are so proud of you! Enjoy your summer. Love, Mom & Dad.”

The 18-year-old has become Al’s partner in crime during quarantine. Back in April, Nick helped his dad out on air, appearing alongside Al during a morning segment before he started school.

“Here’s my little, although not so little, stand up,” Al said, introducing his son. Nick stands up in the clip but because of his height, he ends up out of frame in the shot.

Al added, “He’s doing good. He’s, I don’t know, he's about six-one.”

The Roker men have also been cooking up a storm while staying at home. Since March 18, Al has posted 74 cooking videos for his Instagram series "What We're Cooking." Nick pitches in for each video, filming his dad's cooking process while chiming in with commentary and directions.

Nick even got his own episode, aptly dubbed "What Nick's Cooking" for the 70th episode. He shows viewers how to grill steak after sharing his recipe for a shrimp boilin a previous video.

In addition to being his videographer, sous chef and partner, Nick has been keeping Al grounded while in quarantine.

"I'd have to say it's Deborah, with Nick being a close second," he told Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer on the 3rd hour of TODAY.

He continued, "I am the typical guy. Deborah will say 'Well, how are you doing?' and I say 'eh.' I don't really want to talk about it at that moment."

"I need time to process," he explained. "Deborah is the one to kind of push me to process. And Nick just kind of keeps me grounded."