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Al Roker and family brave long lines as son Nick votes for the 1st time

Al and wife Deborah couldn't have been prouder to be with their 18-year-old son at the polls.
/ Source: TODAY

Al Roker’s son, Nick, has done his civic duty.

Nick, who turned 18 in July, voted for this first time, and his proud dad captured the moment in a series of Instagram posts shared over the weekend.

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“Well, we did it,” Al wrote, adding that he and wife Deborah Roberts also voted early. In the accompanying photo, Al, Nick and Deborah wear masks and stickers indicating that they voted in New York City.

Al's followers cheered Nick on in the comments section.

“Awesome Nick, Congratulations on doing your part to VOTE!” someone wrote.

“Congratulations on his first time voting,” another person commented.

“Good for you Nick ROKER! Congrats!” someone else wrote.

In another video, Al and Nick wait in line while talking about how Nick is making his inaugural trip to the polls to cast a ballot.

“Nick Roker’s here and this is your first time voting,” Al said.

“Yes,” Nick replied.

“’Cause you’re now 18. And are you excited?” his dad asked.

“Yes, I really am excited,” Nick said.

Voting was no quick task either. Al captured the scene as the family waited.

“Well, we’re in line. It’s a double line that wraps, goes all the way down to 75th, but wraps around over to 76th and then comes back. So it’s a double line. Some folks on this side have been in the line since 10 a.m.,” he said.

Deborah also got into the spirit of the day with her own Instagram posts.

“The face of pride...happiness and accomplishment. After a 3 hour wait...a double line that wrapped around the block twice ... Nick voted for the first time. He reports that his feet hurt a bit...but it felt good and was worth it!” she captioned a photo of Nick wearing a sticker indicating he voted.

Roberts also posted a photo of her, Al and Nick standing in line.

“We are giving it a shot. #early #vote #familyfirst @cleilapatra voted absentee,” she wrote, also referencing daughter Leila, who voted absentee.

Voting is the latest memory Al and Nick have made during the pandemic.

In June, Al celebrated Nick wrapping up his sophomore year of high school.

“Nick, we are so proud of you! Enjoy your summer. Love, Mom & Dad,” Al and Deborah wrote on a message that was displayed at Four Brothers Drive-in Theater in Amenia, New York.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death this past spring, Al also shared a video of Nick participating in a procession at New York's St. James Episcopal Church in May.

“With so much pain and suffering, and knowing that my boy, along with so many other young, black men is at risk, this brought me a moment of peace this morning,” Al wrote.

While the pandemic has presented countless challenges to people, Al has cherished the time it has enabled him to spend with Nick, who has special needs.

“The nicest part about this experience has been spending more time with Nick, and watching him grow and learn,” Al told the October/November 2020 edition of AARP The Magazine. “You want the best for your kids, and this period has been hard because all our normal routines have just been turned upside down. But Nick is adaptable.”