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After Orlando, 21 photos of gay dads and their kids to help you smile again

It takes a special kind of commitment for gay men to become parents, which is one reason they deserve to be celebrated this Father's Day. What's more, many gay couples adopt from the foster care system, helping hard-to-place kids find permanent homes.

To honor these devoted dads — and provide some uplift after the tragedy in Orlando — we've collected 21 photos of thriving families from the website Gays With Kids. These dads span the globe and show that love comes in all forms.

And if you really want to pull out the tissues, check out Gays With Kids' series "Then and Now" about how some of these families came to be!


Gays With Kids
Anwar and Patrick with Ravi and Zora in Oakland, California.


Gays With Kids
Brian and Alberto with Nico in Illinois.

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Gays With Kids
Matthew and Harold with Randall, Jeremy and Mattie in Newton, Massachusetts.


Gays With Kids
Robert and John with Julianne and Jack in New York City.

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Gays With Kids
Justin and Brian with Trenton in San Pablo, California.


Gays With Kids
Juan and Patrick with Lorenzo, Liam, Lily and Leo in Florida.


Gays With Kids
Michael and Vincent with Lydia and Kian in New Jersey.


Gays With Kids
Ben and Chet with Emma, Sophia and Dominic in Minneapolis.


Gays With Kids
Armin and Joe with their twins in Boston.


Gays With Kids
Darrin and Sandy with Reichen, Sophie, Wolfgang, Ava and Michaela in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Gays With Kids
Josh and Stephen with Rowen in Portland, Maine.


Gays With Kids
James and Jimmy with Hayden James in Castro Valley, California.

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Gays With Kids
Michael and Steve with Serenity, Emilio, Yasmin and Billy in Colorado.


Gays With Kids
Jonathan Doria Pamphilj and Elson Braga with Emily and Filippo Andrea in Rome, Italy.


Gays With Kids
Jason and Patrick with Marian and Betty in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Gays With Kids
Dell and Robert with Heiress in Tennessee.

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Gays With Kids
Todd and Javier with Tatiana and Ethan in Denver, Colorado.


Gays With Kids
Brian and Ferd with Sadie, Levi and Ella in Toronto.


Gays With Kids
Jay and Alvin with Preston in Bethesda, Maryland.


Gays With Kids
JR and Jim with triplets Campbell, Travis and Piper in Los Angeles.


Gays With Kids
Mark and Lance with Beckett in Columbus, Ohio.