This dad's response to his son getting in trouble in class is perfect

/ Source: TODAY

A lot of people remember what it was like to get in trouble for talking in class, but one high schooler's parents made sure he learned a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Brad Howard, 17, got in trouble for talking in class so often that his dad, Bradley Howard (yes, similar names), decided that if he got one more call from his son’s physics teacher at Rockwell-Heath High School in Texas, he would take action.

And that day came.

After Brad's teacher called home again about "another situation" in class, his parents made a plan: Bradley was going to surprise him by showing up in class the next day to sit with him.

“I walked into class and he was just sitting there,” Brad told TODAY. “I was just shocked and then I was kind of embarrassed, but it was funny.”

The surprise didn't stop there. Bradley's sister posted a photo on Twitter of the class visitor, where it's garnered 3,000 likes and 1,600 retweets.

While both Howard and his dad seem intent on making sure it doesn’t happen again, both are more than relieved the embarrassing lesson is behind them.

“I was just so glad it was over with,” said Bradley.