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After 5 years of infertility couple learns they are pregnant

There were highs and lows in their fertility journey, and moments captured on video are making people weep.
/ Source: TODAY

Hannah-May Berryman and her partner, Adam Fairbrass, spent five years struggling to conceive. But every time Berryman passed a park filled with young families, she found herself smiling.

“It made me feel hopeful,” the 26-year-old from Kent, England, told TODAY Parents. “I’d look at the moms and dads with their babies and I’d picture Adam and myself with our little one.”

Berryman admits, though, that the sting of longing was unavoidable.

“Of course, there was some sadness,” the child care worker explained. “But Adam and I tried to stay positive. Infertility you can’t control, but you can control your mindset.”

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These days, Berryman feels only happiness — and a bit queasy. On May 30, Berryman and Fairbass, 27, learned their IVF treatment was successful, and the pair are due to welcome their first child in February. The parents-to-be shared a video on Facebook of the touching moment they discovered Berryman was pregnant — and it’s gone viral with more than 7,000 shares. (Grab a tissue and scroll to minute 12 to watch the scene unfold.)

"Thank you for giving me hope," wrote one person. Added another, "I just cried my eyes out."


Berryman, who was diagnosed with unexplained infertility, was shocked when the pregnancy test was positive. “Our doctors warned us there was a 40 percent chance of IVF working,” she told TODAY Parents. “We were prepared for it to be negative.

The footage on Facebook chronicles Berryman and Fairbrass’ entire journey and shows both the highs and the lows. “We want to one day be able to show it to our son or daughter and say, ‘Look how much we loved you before you were even here,’” Fairbrass told TODAY Parents. “‘Look how much we went through to get you.’”

Berryman made the video public to spread awareness. “Both Adam and I want to encourage people to speak out about infertility. One in 8 couples go through it in the U.K,” she said. “Our main goal was to start conversations.”

Though many people wait until the 12 week mark to announce their pregnancy — most miscarriages occur before then — Berryman and Fairbass couldn’t keep the exciting news to themselves. After all, they waited five years for this.

“We think it’s a silly tradition to keep quiet,” Berryman, who is 7 weeks along, told TODAY Parents. “Even if we’re only pregnant for a short time, it deserves a celebration.”