Adorable toddler denies eating chocolate doughnut

Emma did not eat a chocolate doughnut. That's her story and she's sticking to it, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 

When Mandy Meaux found her daughter Emma covered in frosting and asked if she and her brother Ben had eaten chocolate doughnuts, she decided to record her daughter's vehement (and adorable) denial of eating the chocolaty treat.

Despite a face covered in chocolate frosting, Emma insisted that she hadn't eaten one, but that didn't stop her from snitching on her little brother.

"Ben ate one, I did not," Emma said. 

When asked if he at the doughnut, Ben gave in a bit more easily than his sister.

"Yeah, I love it!" he said.

Eventually, Meaux forced the issue with Emma, pointing out the chocolate on her face. Emma's defense? Ben pushed the doughnut onto her face.

She had no choice but to eat it at that point, right?