Watch this adorable swimmer search for his 'missing' goggles

/ Source: TODAY

This little swimmer came running up to his mom to get some help find his missing goggles. Little did he know, they were sitting right on top of his own head the whole time!

First, his mom makes him repeat what he's looking for four times. Maybe she was hoping the repetition would help jog his memory! It didn't.

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Someone off camera suggests he wipe his forehead — a gesture that would surely lead to the discovery of his missing goggles — but no! Aiden was miraculously able to adjust the goggles without noticing them at all.

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After he wipes his brow, his family continues to egg him on asking what he's looking for. He gives the now familiar reply, "my goggles" and insists he doesn't know where they could be!

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When he finally realizes that he's been wearing the goggles all along, he flashes a smile and dives right off into the pool.

We have to applaud Aiden's determination — he was not getting back in the pool without those goggles!