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Adorable little girl reacts hilariously to gender reveal: 'I wanted pink!'

A cupcake is enough to send most little ones jumping for joy, but this 2-year-old isn't impressed by her sweet treat — not impressed at all.
/ Source: TODAY

Most of the time, a cupcake is enough to send a little one jumping for joy. But this toddler isn't impressed by her sweet treat — not impressed at all.

In this clip, two Rhode Island girls, ages 2 and 6 at the time, find out the gender of their new sibling by breaking into frosting-filled cupcakes.

The older of the daughters, Giuliana, bites into her cupcake (with a blue center!) to happily discover she'll soon be a big sister to a little boy.

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But tiny Grace isn't as thrilled as her sister — and decides she's still holding out hope for a pink center.

But when she finally makes her way to the middle of the treat, and reveals the dreaded blue frosting, she breaks down into a fit of tears, hilariously exclaiming, "Oh no! I wanted pink... I wanted pink!"

The video, which has received more than 440,000 likes on YouTube, was uploaded last April by the little girls' parents, Shaun and Heidi Guerard.

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"This wasn't really planned... We found out we were having a boy that day at work and stopped at the cupcake shop on the way home, asking them to fill two cupcakes with blue as a fun way to tell the girls," Heidi Guerard told

She continued: "We had a feeling Grace would have a funny reaction, because she had been saying for months she wanted the baby to be a sister... She was also partial to pink. We had no idea she would get so upset though!"

But don't worry... Guerard said all is OK in the house now. Sweet photos on her Instagram account show Giuliana and Grace snuggling with their now 6-month-old brother, Grant.

"(The girls) are so sweet with him and love having a baby in the house," Guerard reassured TODAY. "Grace smothers him with hugs and kisses."