Adorable kids star in Oscar films thanks to mom's blog

In the lead up to the Academy Awards, Hollywood celebrates its own at dazzling events all over town, where gowns glitter and champagne flows. But there’s surely been no tribute as downright adorable as one coming out of a family home in Chicago.

For her Tumblr blog Don’t Call Me Oscar, mom of two Maggie Storino has been snapping photos of her kids, three-year-old Sophia and two-year-old Sadie, in costumes and poses that mimic the Oscar nominees’ famous moments. And the result is too cute for words.

“We play dress-up all day long so this was nothing out of the ordinary,” Storino, a 33-year-old Web developer, told “You might know that Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and Sandra Bullock aren't Disney princesses, but the girls don't. Now they want to wear an astronaut suit and pink curlers every day.”

As the older sis, Sophia plays the lead actress, starring in pics as, say, Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” And Sadie plays the supporting actress role, appearing as Jared Leto in “Dallas Buyers Club” and Will Forte in “Nebraska.”

Maybe our favorite part of the whole thing is that Storino’s family photos read like effortless family fun, rather than overwrought attempts at Internet stardom that subject kids to hours in the hair and makeup chair. “Each photo took about a minute to take,” Storino said. 

And the photos are educational tools too: “Sophia is three years old, so we're talking a lot about emotions. What could be a better education than studying the best performances of the year? Now when Sophia gets frustrated, she throws her hands in the air and shouts, ‘Nebraska!’”

As for the girls’ fave picks for the big night on Sunday? Well, let’s just say it’s not high on their list of concerns. Mom said, “Sophia has seen exactly one Oscar nominated film: ‘Frozen.’ She was awestruck. Sadie has never seen a movie. We think she's holding out for a live-action ‘Dora the Explorer.’”

See a few of the hilarious reenactments below, or go to the full set of images here.



"Captain Phillips"



"12 Years a Slave"



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