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Adorable boy covered in paint insists he wasn't playing with paint — see the video

/ Source: TODAY

Kids and grownups alike should know by now: If you're doing something you shouldn't be doing, you've got to remember to get rid of the evidence.

Especially if that evidence is bright yellow, semi-permanent and has the tendency to end up all over your entire body.

C'mon now.

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Well, in a recent home video that's making the rounds on the internet, one paint-splattered little boy appears to decide that when it's too late to get rid of the evidence, at the very least, don't give up your pride.

We admire his desire to go down with his ship. His very bright, very yellow ship.

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Questioned by a woman behind the camera, presumably his mother or the mother of his play-date, about whether or not he'd gotten into a can of yellow paint — "Did you get the paint? Were you playing with the paint? Did you touch the paint?" she asks — he remains insistent that no, he did not.

In fact, only "she did," he swears, pointing a yellow finger at the paint-covered little girl next to him.

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"So what's on your face and your hands?" his mother asks.

He looks down at his yellow hands and yellow feet sheepishly.

"Paint. P-paint."

"... So, were you playing with the paint?"

He looks up at her, the yellow paint on his cheeks likely hiding some serious blushing action.