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'Adam, no!' Watch this toddler make a daring bedtime escape

Adam isn't ready for bed just yet. And he makes that perfectly clear to his mother in a new video.
/ Source: TODAY

Adam isn’t ready for bed just yet. And he’s made that perfectly clear to his mother.

In a video posted online, the exasperated mom of a young toddler exclaims she is done trying to get her son down for the night.

“I have given up,” she says. “After one hour of trying to put Adam to sleep…”

She doesn’t get the chance to finish her sentence because the sly little boy has already slid his diapered bottom off the bed and made a run for it out the bedroom door.

“Adam, no!” his mother says before he then slides down the stairs on his belly, looking up at the camera with a sly smile as his mother says, "come here!"

By then, of course, it's too late.