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Abby Wambach is every parent begging their kids to return things

Wambach and her wife, Glennon Doyle, are parents to three children.
Wambach reacts after suggesting her kids tend to take things without returning them.
Wambach reacts after suggesting her kids tend to take things without returning them.glennondoyle / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Abby Wambach doesn't mind if you take her nail clippers but she would appreciate if you just put them back where they belong when you're finished!

The former Olympic soccer player sounded off in a video posted to Instagram Saturday by her wife, Glennon Doyle, hinting that their kids tend to take things without returning them, and we're pretty sure every single parent can relate to her gripes.

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"Serving up some marital and familial bliss for you this morning, because we live to serve," Doyle captioned a video of Wambach on a rant that's all too relatable. "Abby; What is WRONG with our children? Me: So much. So much," the "Untamed" author described their hilarious conversation.

At the start of the short video, Doyle encourages her wife to speak up about what's bothering her.

"I'm scared. Just tell me again, are you OK?" she asks as she films.

"Somebody has taken my nail clippers," Wambach says ominously, repeating her complaint through clenched teeth. "Nobody asked me."

"No," Doyle says in agreement.

Wambach goes on to say that she has all of her stuff in specific places and that all of her items "have homes."

"I know," Doyle says sympathetically.

"My nail clippers have a home ... my tweezers, that has a home."

"I know," Doyle encourages.

"Because, when, I, me, adult 40-year-old Abby want to use said nail clipper or said tweezer ... I'm bushy, look at these things," she says pointing to her eyebrows, which for the record, seem very well-groomed.

"It wasn't me," Doyle offers, though it seems clear that she's not the one caught in Wambach's crosshairs.

"Look at my nails," Wambach complains. "It's disgusting. What is wrong with our kids?"

"So much," Doyle answers reflexively.

"Seriously, why do they have to use our stuff, and then the stuff disappears? Use it. Fine. I would never know the difference if you just put it back. Put it back. God!" she says emphatically, raising her hands to her head in frustration.

In the caption, Doyle wrote that she enjoyed Wambach's final exclamation. "My favorite part is Abby’s: 'GOD!' Only in the trenches of parenting does she resort to prayer. There are no atheists in fox holes."

Fans agreed with Doyle's amusing video. "I AM ABBY," writer Elizabeth Holmes commented on the video.

"It’s all kids not just yours. I assure you. Phone chargers are a hot item at my house," another tried to assure Wambach.

"This is life for everyone living with children in their house. 😂," wrote another person.

Someone else was quick to offer a solution. "We got everyone their own set for Christmas. It’s helped. Hang in there," they suggested.

Wambach normally has a more even-keeled temper when it comes to her kids. Last year, she told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that when they play sports, she's all about encouraging them.

"When our kids come off the soccer field, we ask them three things," said the retired soccer star. "Number one, we say, 'Did you have fun?' Number two — this is more of a statement — I say, 'I just love watching you play.' And then, number three, I ask them, 'Did you learn anything?'"

But seriously, who can blame Wambach for getting a little fired up about her missing stuff? Here's hoping those nail clippers turn up and that the kids learn an important lesson!